Information About BRC/IOP Packaging Standard

28 Mar

The standard was developed in conjunction with the Institute of Packaging (IOP), the professional body for the packaging industry and is seen as a logical extension of the BRC Food Standard. In a short space of time, this Standard became invaluable to other organisations across the sector. It was and still is regarded as the benchmark for best practice in the food industry. This and its use outside the UK has seen it evolve into a Global Standard used not just to assess retailer suppliers, but as a framework upon which many companies have based their supplier assessment programmes and manufacture of some branded products.

It is recognised that the packaging industry is diverse in its materials, processes and technologies and various trade associations were consulted during the development of the standard. As the professional membership body for the packaging industry, the Institute of Packaging has satisfied itself that the requirements of this standard can be practically achieved.

What does the BRC/IOP packaging standard require?
” The adoption of a formal Hazard Analysis System.
” A documented technical management system
” Control of factory standards, product, process and personnel.

The format of this standard defines a packaging supplier as belonging to a category ‘A’ or ‘B’. There is a decision tree within the standard with category ‘B’ packaging defined as one which is used for direct food contact or enters an environment where there are unprotected or open food products – these tend to be packaging such as microwave trays or cups in which the food is directly packed into. A category ‘A’ packaging can be viewed as low risk packaging (from a food manufacturer’s viewpoint) such as cardboard boxes where the food product is already sealed within its primary packaging. The standard should be referred to in order to decide which category is relevant.

The majority of UK, and many European and Global retailers, and brand owners will only consider business with suppliers who have gained certification to the appropriate BRC/IOP Packaging Standard.


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BRC Global Standard For Food Safety
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One response to “Information About BRC/IOP Packaging Standard

  1. Jocelyn Legaspi

    November 10, 2011 at 6:13 am

    do you have IOP audit checklist? hope you would help us because our customer requires us to audit our packaging supplier using the standard.
    thanks a lot


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