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The Importance of ISO 22301 Certification for Business Continuity Management System

The ISO 22301 certification is part of standards introduced by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which specifies requirements for setting up and managing an effective Business Continuity Management System (BCMS). The requirements described in the standard are intend to: plan, establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain, and continuously improve a documented management system to protect, reduce the likelihood of occurring, preparing, responding, and recovering from disruptive incidents when they arise

ISO 22301 Certification

A BCMS aligned with ISO 22301 is based on analysis and takes organisation as a whole into consideration. It will include disaster recovery and business continuity plans focused on the recovery of operations, functions, sites, services, etc.

An ISO 22301 certification helps organizations implement a BCMS that meet the needs of the organization, taking into account the legal, regulatory, and industry requirements, as well as the products, services, and processes established in the organization. In addition, the standard is used to mitigate and control the risks of exposure to internal and external threats, ensuring organizations can effectively respond to security incidents, data breaches, and more.

ISO 22301 Certification emphasizes the importance of –

  • understanding the needs of organization and need to establish business continuity management policy and objectives,
  • implement and manage controls and measures to manage the overall capability of organization to manage disruptive incidents,
  • monitor and review the performance and effectiveness of the BCMS; and
  • continuous improvement based on objective measurement.

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