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How ISO 17025 Accreditation is Beneficial for Organization

ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation

The overall procedure of to becoming an ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory accreditation consultant can be daunting. ISO 17025 standards for Laboratory accreditation and NABL certification are the buzzword for any organization to establish system oriented work culture in either instruments testing or/and calibration laboratory.

Today, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification had been playing vital roles and publishing the standard as well as revising the standard. At present the latest standard is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation standards for laboratory management system for both testing and calibration laboratory. Each country has its own board of accreditation for issuing ISO/IEC 17025 certification to the laboratory. In India NABL (National Accreditation Board for Laboratory) is the accreditation board, which issues accreditation certificate to the laboratory after auditing the work area of the organization. So many laboratories in India are affianced to spring up from time to time and this requires need to get their activities sanctioned and monitored.

Consultant role in ISO 17025 Accreditation

ISO/IEC 17025 is consist of few strategic objectives which are valuable because it cut across areas like regulatory, technology-wise the acquisition and use of state of the art technologies and Laboratory management system and laboratory safety services. Other objectives of ISO 17025 is consistent development in laboratory management to all areas of business of the laboratory organization, excellent business ethic with suitable business accomplish, appropriate treatment of laboratory safety and effective as well as efficient safety requirements.

ISO 17025 consultants in India help out you to know as well as to manage new & existing standards in effective manner. Joining of qualified ISO professional can be assured you that you are properly executing the processes. ISO consultant helps you to utilize your ISO 17025 audit software programs to ISO 17025 document and execute your new program. Some ISO 17025 consulting firms also provide ISO 17025 awareness training; documentation training, internal auditor training and lead auditor training. Also good consultant follow best practices in establishing the system and Quantifiable objectives to create vibrant work culture. These in turn reduces your all cost as well as make meaningful system.

ISO 17025 consultants helps not only for gaining new one ISO 17025 certification but also helps the organization which has been already ISO 17025 certified for many years by keeping it abreast the new issues as well as standards. An ISO 17025 consultant helps your business to attain reduces risk of laboratory safety in organization and most performance and reimbursement from your quality control standards.

Several ISO 17025 consulting firm in India provide individual as well as inclusive packages. The comprehensive packages consist of training for internal ISO 17025 audit, training for the implementation of ISO 17025 standards, training for ohsas documentation and training for lead auditors as well as training on goal setting and Key result areas. While you are intended to implement all these ISO standards then you must know that your management team is on board along with the changes and fully understand of the implications and importance.

ISO 17025 consultants also provide training for individual areas. Today, there are many online sources which provide ISO 17025 certification, ISO 17025 pdf, laboratory certification consulting, ISO slides for six sigma, six sigma training and more. These online source offer ISO certification for ISO 17025, ISO 9001-2008, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, hse integrated standard, ISO 27001, BRC laboratory safety, ISO 50001, ISO USA and more.

Advantages of ISO Certification Consulting

  1. Assists your business to build customers trust as well as confidence in the company and its laboratory products.
  2. ISO certified company is more able to control the organization resources like input, transforming and output resources.
  3. It provides approach of ‘input-transforming-output’ process that will enhance organization’s monitoring as well as control strategy in reference to quality and other matters.
  4. Helps your business to reduce loss which may consequence as a result of producing goods that could not meet customers’ specification or below industrial or international standard(s).
  5. It helps for ensuring as well as keeping the organization focus in provisions of standard & quality.
  6. It underlines on proper documentation and product design which is requirement to build a strong company in terms of policy as well as strategies.
  7. It refines your processes as well as makes target oriented work culture.

Organizations which considering enchanting the ISO 17025 plunge, for them an overview class on standards, certifications and regulations are tremendous place to start. By attending the ISO training courses, you can get enormous amount of knowledge as well as idea of what the process entails.

You have to choose an ISO consulting firm as per your company’s particular needs. The good consulting firms provide readymade document packages including ISO 17025 manual, procedures, forms, standard operating procedures, templates and audit checklist. Some ISO consulting firms are dedicated to create individual training programs that specific to your company. These ISO consulting firms develop a comprehensive plan that meets goals of your business. Few ISO consulting firms are engaged in to offer only generic or pre-packaged training and advice.


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Why and Why not ISO/IEC 17025

The ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 standard was developed as a special purpose standard for laboratories to specify the general requirements for their technical competence. While the standard is generic, it also recognizes that for accreditation purposes, (i.e. for independent recognition of a laboratory’s competence to perform specific tests, or calibrations) the standard may require development of guidelines to explain its use in specific areas of testing or measurement.

ISO/IEC 17025 -2005 has two major components, namely management requirements and technical requirements. The management requirements are written in language relevant to laboratory operation but were developed to meet the systems requirements of ISO 9001-1994 and ISO 9002-1994.

WHY ISO / IEC 17025? : –

  • Improved quality
  • Improved efficiency, productivity and effectiveness
  • Improved level of motivation, co-operation, workmanship and quality awareness
  • Improved communication and quality information and greater quality awareness
  • Greater control of processes and activities throughout organisation.
  • An onward journey of improvement is possible on an on-going basis
  • Provide hot tips on analysis of data as well as measure uncertainty and perfect record keeping.
  • Provide guideline for doing testing and measurement in detail.
  • Provide guidelines and better control for maintenance of instruments, environment control, preservation of test records etc
  • Establish the best system for the product storage and handling.
  • Helps in dealing with issues of implementing the OSHA (Occupational, Safety, Health Assessment) laboratory standards as well as THE ACCREDITATION MEMBER BODY accreditation.
  • Provide guidance for emergency response of laboratory for fire, radiation, chemical spillage, biological spill, and personal injury as well as reduce accidents.
  • Helps in making complete training manual with details of all test procedures and it helps in training any new staff as well as consistency of Quality of testing is maintained in spite of high staff turnover

WHY NOT ISO / IEC 17025?

  1. Do not want to spend money.
  2. Monopoly supplier.
  3. Do not want to export.
  4. Customers do not care.
  5. Unlimited resources.
  6. Do not believe in involving people.
  7. Do not want to train employees.
  8. Enjoy fire fighting and quick fixes.
  9. Believe – Quality does not pay.
  10. Do not want to commit anything on paper.
  11. Expect miracles to overcome challenge.
  12. Have other sources of income and don’t want to grow.

ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 DOCUMENTATION: –

The total documentation for a comprehensive management system under ISO / IEC 17025 can be represented by the four-tier system in a pyramid shown in the figure – 1.

ISO 17025 4 Tire Documentation

ISO/IEC 17025 4-Tire Documentation Structure

  1. ISO 17025 Quality Manual:- It states the Quality Policy and describes the macro level Management     system including details for how the standard requirements shall be fulfilled in the company.
  2. Quality Procedures: – It is normally called as middle management hand book and describes     department activity for a system approach to supply consistent Quality Product. They are     considered to be the core of the system documentation and confidential documents. They     describe how the tasks and functions of the various departments should be performed to meet     the requirements of the ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 standard and the Quality Policy of the     company.
  3. Work Instructions / Operating Procedure: – These documents are required for the Testing     and or calibration purpose otherwise affects Quality of testing and or calibration
  4. Quality Records, Forms:- Forms, records etc. are supporting documents used by the     company to record information for different procedures followed.

The global objectives of the implementation of ISO / IEC 17025 : 2005  are: –

  • To establish Quality in testing and reliability
  • To prevent risk
  • To detect deviations
  • To correct errors
  • To improve efficiency
  • To ensure data quality and integrity.

ISO 17025 consultant provides information about iso 17025 standard implementation and requirements. In the iso 17025 certification basic requirements is iso 17025 manual, iso quality procedure, SOP and quality system implementation.

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