Aether Industries Limited has Successfully Completed GMP Certification Audit


Aether Industries, a leading manufacturer of advanced intermediates and active ingredients for the pharmaceutical has successfully completed GMP Certification Audit and ISO 9001:2015 Surveillance Audit conducted by UK based ISOQAR Certifying Body with the help of

GMP Certification

The assessment ensures that Aether Industries’ implemented system continue to meet all elements of the scope of registration and effectively conforms to the requirements set in the GMP and ISO 9001:2015 International Standards.

During this ISO Consultacy for GMP certification audit and ISO 9001 surveillance audit, has helped Aether Industries by checking all the records that all corrective and preventive actions are properly recorded and implemented. The consulting team has helped them to identify risk and internal audit of implemented system based on context of the organization. ISO consultant has taken care of management review and made it easy to compliance during GMP audit and completed without any non-conformity observed.

By this GMP Certification audit taken on 11th December, 2018 by ISOQAR, Aether Industries has been successfully recommended for GMP certification. The project has been completed by within time limits and all documented information was submitted like GMP manual, procedures, work instructions, SOP, Forms and ISO Audit checklist, etc.

About Aether Industries Limited

Aether Industries (based in Surat, Gujarat, India) is a leading manufacturer of advanced intermediates and active ingredients for the pharmaceutical, material science, agrochemical, electronic chemical, and fine / speciality chemical industries. Aether is also a leading CRAMS (contract research and manufacturing services) provider, built upon technology intensive and state-of-art R&D and pilot plant facilities. Aether is based on a core competency model of cutting-edge chemistry and technology competencies.


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ISO 22000:2018 Manual – An Important Document in Implementation of Food Safety Management System

ISO 22000:2018 is a certification standard for Food Safety Management System (FSMS) which is appropriate regardless of the step in the food chain or the size of an organization. ISO 22000:2018 states that an organization requires the ISO 22000:2018 documents necessary to ensure the effective development, implementation and updating of the food safety management system. There are specific references in the standard where it prescribes that the food safety management system will need to have documents and these should be included in an ISO 22000:2018 Manual.

ISO 22000:2018 manualThe ISO 22000:2018 Manual must clearly define the scope of the food safety management system where food safety manual provides an overview of the food safety management system. The ISO 22000:2018 Manual establishes and states the policies governing the company’s food safety management system. These policies define management’s arrangements for managing operations and activities in accordance with ISO 22000:2018. These top-level policies represent the plans or protocols for achieving food safety, quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

When developing an ISO 22000 manual it is necessary to ensure that the basics of the standard are covered and that the documentation specified in the standard is included. The function of the food safety manual is to demonstrate the ability of the organization to manage a food safety management system and impress the customer or meet customer requirements, defining and clarifying food safety, facilitating change, improving communications, satisfying international business requirements, serves as training aid, provides a control system and serves as a guide for suppliers.


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Introduced ISO 17065 Consultancy Service for Product Certification Bodies, one of the largest ISO consultancy company in India has introduced one more service – ISO 17065 Consultancy for product certification bodies. The ISO/IEC 17065 specifies the requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services.

ISO 17065 has added one more feather to its cap by including this new service to its wide range of ISO consultancy services, with the aim to provide better system implementation for organizations as per ISO 17065 standard guidelines. is offering ISO/IEC 17065 Accreditation consultancy service with system implementation, system awareness training, auditor training and as well as ISO 17065 documentation. By join hands with Global Manager Group, Punyam has designed and sell ready-to-use ISO 17065 documentation kit that helps in implementation of fast and effective system.

Steps followed by for achieving ISO 17065 Accreditation

  1. Micro-level survey for each and every inspection parameter of the product certification bodies and preparation of detail Gap Analysis report,
  2. Preparation of applicable documents required by ISO/IEC 17065:2012, based on detailed study of all activities of the product certification bodies, such as;
  3. ISO 17065 training to all levels of employees within the certification bodies,
  4. Help in effective implementation of system by periodic visit till accreditation,
  5. Conduct internal audit for ISO 17065 accreditation system to check readiness for the accreditation,
  6. Conduct management review meeting in presence of Top Management to guide the product certification bodies for effective implementation of all the issues related to inspection,
  7. Witnessing / demonstration of activities to build confidence among the employees, etc.

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Announced to Offer Consultancy Service for IATF 16949:2016 Certification, one of the largest ISO consultancy company in India has announced to offer IATF 16949:2016 consultancy service. IATF 16949 defines the quality management system requirements for the design and development, production assembly, installation and services of automotive-related products.

IATF 16949 is offering IATF 16949 certification consultancy service with system implementation, system awareness training, auditor training and as well as IATF 16949 documentation. Punyam has a team of experienced ISO consultants who deliver this IATF 16949 consultancy services for automotive industry and it will helpful in developing their management systems and maintaining their own competence. has aim to provide effective system implementation with IATF 16949 certification in India and rest of the world. By join hands with Global Manager Group, Punyam has designed and sell ready-to-use IATF 16949 documentation kit to implement fast and effective documentation of quality management system.

Steps Followed by Punyam for Achieving IATF 16949 Certification

  1. Micro-level survey for each and every activity of the organisation and preparation of a detailed Gap Analysis report,
  2. Preparation of applicable documents as required by IATF 16949:2016 based on the detailed study of all activities of the organisation.
  3. Provide IATF 16949 awareness training to all levels of employees within the organisation.
  4. Conduct internal audit to check readiness for the IATF 16949 certification.
  5. Take corrective actions for non-conformities.
  6. Apply for IATF 16949 Certification.
  7. Avail pre-certification audit of certifying body.
  8. Take actions on suggestions given by them.
  9. Final audit by certifying body.
  10. Take corrective actions on the non-conformities to the satisfaction of the certifying body.
  11. Get certified for IATF 16949:2016
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Successfully Completed ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Consultancy for Dev Information Technology Ltd

Dev Information Technology Limited, one of leading IT Company that delivered digital transformation and end-to-end information technology services has been awarded with ISO 9001 Certification for its Quality Management System (EMS) and re-certified to ISO 27001 Certification for its Information Security Management System from KVQA – DAC Accreditation certification body.

ISO 9001 ConsultancyAs a leading ISO consultancy provider in India, has taken this ISO 9001 consultancy & ISO 27001 consultancy project and served Dev IT in implementing QMS and ISMS that satisfy all the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 standards respectively. During this ISO consultancy project, the team of ISO Consultant has helped them by providing system awareness training to employees of all departments. The project is successfully completed within time frame with the help of key documentation like ISO 9001 manual, ISO 27001 manual, procedures, work instructions, operating procedures, forms, audit checklist and more. has successfully completed registration audit as part of consultancy project on 19th September 2018. By achieving these certifications, Dev Information Technology has demonstrated its commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction through the implementation of quality and information security management systems. Dev Information Technology has put in place processes that ensure continual improvement and conformity to customer, statutory and regulatory requirements.

About Dev Information Technology Limited

Dev Information Technology Ltd. provides range of information technology solutions and consultancy services in India. The company offers enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management applications, application development solutions, and data analytics; and enterprise mobility services, such as mobile application development and mobile device management services. They are committed to deliver value and sustainability to ever changing business environment, with emerging technology enabled solutions and flexible business engagement models, ensuring clients’ success at-all-times.


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The Importance of ISO 22301 Certification for Business Continuity Management System

The ISO 22301 certification is part of standards introduced by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which specifies requirements for setting up and managing an effective Business Continuity Management System (BCMS). The requirements described in the standard are intend to: plan, establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain, and continuously improve a documented management system to protect, reduce the likelihood of occurring, preparing, responding, and recovering from disruptive incidents when they arise

ISO 22301 Certification

A BCMS aligned with ISO 22301 is based on analysis and takes organisation as a whole into consideration. It will include disaster recovery and business continuity plans focused on the recovery of operations, functions, sites, services, etc.

An ISO 22301 certification helps organizations implement a BCMS that meet the needs of the organization, taking into account the legal, regulatory, and industry requirements, as well as the products, services, and processes established in the organization. In addition, the standard is used to mitigate and control the risks of exposure to internal and external threats, ensuring organizations can effectively respond to security incidents, data breaches, and more.

ISO 22301 Certification emphasizes the importance of –

  • understanding the needs of organization and need to establish business continuity management policy and objectives,
  • implement and manage controls and measures to manage the overall capability of organization to manage disruptive incidents,
  • monitor and review the performance and effectiveness of the BCMS; and
  • continuous improvement based on objective measurement.

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Swan Energy Limited Achieved ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Swan Energy Limited, one of leading manufacturer and marketer of cotton and polyester textile products in India, has achieved ISO 9001:2015 Certification with system up-gradation. Punyam has provided consultancy services in this ISO 9001 re-certification project and helped them to compliance ISO 9001 audit taken by BSI certifying body.

ISO 9001 Consultancy

Swan Energy believes in continuing to prove their ability to consistently provide quality services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and for this company has chosen Punyam as its ISO 9001 consulting partner.

In this ISO 9001 Consultancy, Swan Energy has got all necessary support in terms of system up-gradation, system awareness training, documentation preparation, in learning system requirements, internal audit as well as certification audit. The final certification audit was conducted by the lead auditors of BSI on 18th August 2018.

The ISO 9001 Certification with system up-gradation as per revised 2015 requirements increases effectiveness in quality of each department that results in continuous improvements. Punyam has helped to learn QMS 2015 requirements to all levels of employees in a company and increasing productivity across all our federal and commercial projects, which was the ultimate goal of Swan Energy.

About Swan Energy Limited

Swan Energy Limited (SEL) originally incorporated in 1909 as Swan Mills Ltd. (SML), is manufacturer and marketer of cotton and polyester textile products in India. the company has doing bleaching, mercerizing, dyeing, printing design & development, printing, finishing, inspection, packing and dispatch of finished fabrics.


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